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The Day After We Broke Up – 헤어진 다음날

Maybe some people are not meant to be apart. The lead singer of an indie band (L of INFINITE) breaks up with his girlfriend, Da In (Yoon So Hee). Afterwards, he finds himself caught in a time rift where he keeps traveling back and forth in time. He needs to find Da In in order to return to his present life, but can he do it? “The Day After We Broke Up” is a four-episode drama series directed by Song Hyun Wook. It marks the first leading role for Kim Myung Soo, who goes by the stage name L as a member of the K-pop boy group INFINITE.

Other Names: The Day After We Parted, I Want to Protect You One More Time, 想要守护你 ONE MORE TIME~
Episodes: 8

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