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Jeon Gook Hwan

Jeon Gook Hwan is a veteran South Korean actor. Born on July 21, 1952, he made his acting debut in the 2003 film “The Uninvited.” Since then, he has appeared in many popular films and television dramas, playing cool company executives and menacing antagonists with equal aplomb. Some of his recent television dramas include “Nine: 9 Times Time Travel” (2013), “Goddess of Marriage” (2013), “Doctor Stranger” (2014), “Secret Door” (2014), “Mr. Baek” (2014), “Angry Mom” (2015), “Mask” (2015), “Yong Pal” (2015), “Six Flying Dragons” (2015), “Goodbye Mr. Black” (2016) and “Pied Piper” (2016).

Born: Jul 21, 1957 (age 62)
Star Sign: Cancer
Talent Agency:

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