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On October 20,it was confirmed by OSR Entertainment that they would debut their first girl group and it would count with four former PRISTIN members,being Minkyeung,Gyeongwon,Eunwoo and Yaebin,and one more trainee,who was treated as a hidden member. On October 23,the group’s social media accounts were opened,revealing their name to be HINAPIA. On October 25,they released the schedule plan for their debut,set for November 3 with the release of the digital single “New Start” with their debut showcase to be held the following day.[3]

Also Known As:
hangul: 희나피아
Genre: Pop
Debut: November 3,2019
Years Active: 2019–present
Current Members: Minkyeung,Gyeongwon,Yaebin,Eunwoo,Bada
OSR Entertainment
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