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On March 4,2019,MNH Entertainment shared on Twitter that they were preparing for the debut of a new five-member girl group.[2] Until then,the agency was known as the house of soloist and former I.O.I member,Chung Ha. On March 11,two members of the group were revealed,Yiyeon and Songhee. In the following day,Simyeong and Jungwoo were revealed. On March 13,the fifth and last member,Seungeun was revealed.[2] Finally,on March 14,the name of the group “BVNDIT” was shared,as well as new teaser images of them.[2]

Also Known As: Be Ambitious N Do It
hangul: 밴디트
Genre: Pop
Debut: April 10,2019
Years Active: 2019–present
Current Members: Songhee,Yiyeon,Simyeong,Jungwoo,Seungeun
MNH Entertainment
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