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Kang Min ju

Birthname: Shin Sung Eun Birthdate: December 22, 1992 (age 27) Birthplace: Height: Weight: Occupation: Singer Discography:


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Bella (벨라) is a South Korean singer and rapper under Hunus Entertainment. She is the main rapper of the girl group ELRIS.

Recorded the song “It’s Love” for the drama, “Rebel: Thief who Stole the People”.
Loves the anime One Piece.
Watches at least one episode every day.
Received a 1000 piece One Piece puzzle set from a friend that she does in her free time so that she can eventually hang the finished puzzle in her room.
Loves hip-hop and writes rap.
Loves Yezi.
Can touch her nose with her tongue.
Referred to as the mother of the group.
Birthname: Choi Yoon-ah (최윤아)
Birthdate: February 2, 1999 (age 21)
Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Occupation: Singer, rapper

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